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This article will introduce you to everything you need to know to create, grow and monetize your blog.

  1. Know what exactly a blog is

    A blog is basically a website that is updated periodically (Daily, weekly, even monthly) and articles are kept in reverse chronological order (newest first), and the website tends to be static (mostly) arranged in form of pages and perform a specific function assigned by developers.

    A blog can be of many types like:-

    • Personal blog
    • Teaching blog
    • Affiliate blog
    • A blog for selling products
    • Corporate blog
    • Niche based blog

    It can be anything you can imagine.

  2. Creating a blog site

    There are two main ways to do this

    • You can code your own
    • Or use a CMS

    If you are a programmer and want to code your own blog. Then close this tab and start programming and don’t forget to come back to learn the principles of blogging, You are a programmer and not a blogger.

    But if you are not - use a CMS

    But what is a CMS?

    CMS stands for “Content Management System”. It is basically a way for you to write blog posts easily without caring about what is happening in the backend of your site. It makes it easy for you to focus mainly on your writing and not the systems behind what you are writing on. In fact, we use a CMS too. NetlifyCMS to be precise.

    So the easiest CMS to set up if you are a non-programmer is Wordpress. It is free and the hosting for it is cheap too.

    So to create a blog on Wordpress, you’ll need the following things: -

    • A domain name (name of the website. Like,
    • A hosting (The place where all files related to your website are stored)
    • Install Wordpress on hosting through your Hosting Control Panel (it varies depending on your hosting)
    • Install a theme that suits you.
    • And an open mind with a willingness to write and learn.

    And then you write!

  3. Selecting a niche

    The most crucial part or the hardest question while creating a blog is how to select a niche for your blog?

    But, the answer isn’t that much complicated as the question is.

    While selecting a niche or category the first thing to determine is what type of blog you’re going to create?

    For e.g.

    -->Maybe you want to create a multi-niche blog like you’ll write on fitness and technology both (this types of blogs are hard to rank due to conflictions among keywords)

    -->Or maybe you are creating a niche-specific blog like you select technology, you’ll write about everything in technology like latest news, gadgets, coding, etc.

    -->Or the best option is a category-specific blog like you selected wordpress category in technology niche then you’ll write about hosting, plugins, themes, designs, etc. all about wordpress.

    This type of website ranks very easily due to keywords of the same category in all pages/posts and you can also earn more through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc.

    And also review yourself before selecting a niche/category, don’t just enter the war unarmed.

    Some of the niches you may consider are,

    • Technology

    • Fitness

    • Gaming

    • Parenting

    • Food

    • Lifestyle

    • Fashion

    • Finance and many more…

      What about profitabality

      You must have read the previous article about, “How to select a niche for your blog?"

      Today, in this article we’ll talk about the most profitable niches for blogging in 2020.

      How to determine a niche is profitable/trending or not?

      The niche is profitable/trending or not depends on some factors like,

      • Are most people around you opting for that niche or not?
      • Are daily updates and discoveries happening in that niche?
      • Are there multiple ways to earn through it or not?
      • Are you interested in that niche or not?

      By answering the following questions to yourself, you’ll find the best and profitable niche for your blog.

      How to do research for the niche?

      To get details of the most profitable niche, you must research. These are the following ways you can research,

      • Follow the big blogs in your industry.
      • Watch youtube videos in your niche.
      • Do research about the latest trends.

      As I am just saying to research a lot because,

      Research is the most important and the hardest part of blogging career.

      Some profitable and trending niches are as follows,

      Technology: - The latest discoveries and the unstoppable penetration of technology in various field like fintech, health-tech has made this niche the most trending and on-demand.

      You can earn through ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc.

      Finance: - Who doesn’t love money? everybody wants to learn about how to save and earn more money? And the penetration of technology has made this on more trending. So if you’re good at it, there is no problem in giving it a try.

      You can earn through ads, rendering services, changing international currencies.

      Fitness and Health: - Everybody wants to achieve mental and physical health, everybody wants to get slim. This is the niche that is truly evergreen. You can write about diseases, medicines, body improvements, etc. But remember, “as per the new Google policy, you must have some experience to write in this particular niche.”

      You can earn through ads, sponsored products, and as you grow sponsored medicines from companies

      Fashion: - The industry that grew mostly due to Bollywood stars and young aspiring actors. this is the niche that is growing at an unobservable pace. Thousands of new trends waiting to be discovered.

      You can earn through ads, sponsored products, etc.

      Cryptocurrency: - As the government declared cryptocurrency as legal in 2020 many people got attracted to it. And to be true there is a need for thousands of blogs, who can discover the new trends and educate the people with existing ones also.

      You can earn through ads, currency exchange, on-demand services.

      At the end, it is your choice because

      “Money creates passion, passion doesn’t create money”

  4. Writing a good blog post

    Do Research

    --> You must have noticed that this is the fourth or fifth time in this series that I’m telling you to research. Because it is that important. The more you research, the more your knowledge increases.

    The more you research, the more data you get to publish.

    And also one more thing, You must have knowledge about that topic. Because we can find tips related to various topics anywhere on the internet, you must have some extra knowledge that people really want.

    Don’t be greedy

    --> What most of the people do is they include too many ads or affiliate links to generate extra revenue, but they forget that humans are going to read it.

    They make it too much creepy, that it’s hard to distinguish,

    Do they have ads in content, or content in ads?

    You’ll surely earn some good money from your blog, but things take time.

    Don’t underestimate the power of SEO

    --> Most of the beginner thinks that SEO is an old school thing, Probably they are wrong!

    Because SEO is still a very important part of blogging and ranking.

    Responsiveness, Keyword Research, Proper UX really matters.

    If you don’t know what is SEO, don’t feel primitive!

    We’ll also publish an article in this series, about basic SEO for blogs, and if you want to go deep in SEO, We’ll also publish a new series completely about SEO from beginner to advanced.

    But, What if you have no topics to write about? This may be not your situation if you have followed some basic principles.

    So, I’ll list some of the principles below,

    Make a list!

    Always keep a list prepared of all the topics you have written or you are going to write. This is the best tactic to keep your data safe and updated.

    And it will be better if you follow a pattern to write articles.

    I also follow the same tactic, we make a list for a category and post them sequentially. It also helps to maintain the reader’s interest.

    Ask your audience!

    The best way to get content ideas is to ask your audience directly. Because they are the ones who are going to read your articles.

    There are many different ways to do it.

    • You can ask in the comments.
    • you can have some FB group.
    • You can have forums.
    • Or by polls or surveys.

    Use the Blog-Ideas generator!

    There are many blog ideas generator, that combines different keywords and gives some awesome ideas to you.

    And some of them are also based on public search results.

    Some of them are: -

    Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator

    Portent title maker

    Contentrow Headline Generator

    Moz Keyword Research tool

    Search on the Internet!

    There is nowhere more knowledge than the internet, Why shouldn’t you give it a try?

    --> Just type anything in the Google search bar, and start searching for ideas.

    --> Search on Reddit.

    --> Read and Ask on Quora.

    --> Join some Communities dedicated to your niche.

    Write a guide!

    The most searched and complete articles are guides for different things.

    Guides are like the complete knowledge of any topic from beginner to advanced.

    Some examples may be: -

    --> The ultimate guide to Blogging.

    --> The most descriptive guide to SEO.

    --> Complete guide of cryptocurrency for free.

  5. Increase user engagement

    There are some points that you need to consider while writing a blog,

    --> You are writing for humans, which means it must be readable and arranged in a proper way.

    --> Ads help you to earn and keep you motivated for writing but don’t include too many ads, which makes the article look creepy. Two or three ads per article will be great.

    Now, you must know that there are approximately 600 million blogs and you need to rank between them.

    So, now I’ll be listing some ways that will help you to rank higher.

    Do keyword research and SEO.

    --> They might look like an old school thing, but believe me they are really helpful still. Keyword research helps you to determine, What people are searching for? And helps to rank for better keywords.

    Use a sitemap.

    --> This step may not be for humans, but for search engines. Sitemaps ensure that your website is completely linked and the search-bots scan and crawl your website completely. That will help you to rank higher.

    Write on Quora and similar Q&A platforms.

    --> You should use these types of websites because there are thousands of people searching for answers for their “n” number of questions. I am sure that there will be thousands of questions related to your niche or category.

    But remember, don’t just go and post links of your post, If you do this I am sure no one is going to visit your blog.

    Give a proper description of that topic or question and then you can link to some similar content or topics.

    The gaming channels on Youtube work the same way as anyone can play games but only those people get famous who discover some of their own dialogues or different strategies.

    So, Be Unique!

    Share on Social-media.

    --> When you are a beginner and not getting a lot of traffic, Social media is your best friend.

    And remember, don’t just post links, Join some communities to help other people and when they will come to know about you and your blogs, they will like to again hear from you.

    Give more than you take!

    Be Consistent.

    --> When you are just starting out, don’t just post articles randomly when you wish.

    Be punctual and post some articles periodically like daily or an article in two days or three.

    It will surely help you keep your users engaged with you.

    Consistency is the key!

    --> Guest Posting and Backlink relationships are very important for growing your new blog.

    When you guest post on someone’s blog, you get a chance to link or refer the audience to your blog and articles. You can also submit your affiliate links in that article.

    Backlinks are very important because they help you to increase your domain authority and Searchability which in return helps you to make your blog more professional and popular.

    I will talk more about SEO and Affiliate marketing in the upcoming articles.

    By the way, If you want to Guest Post or build a Backlink Relationship with our blog, you can contact us at

    You can mail your skills, experience, and 2 sample articles at the above-listed mail id.

  6. Make money

    You can do it by signing up to ad networks like Google Adsense, or affiliate networks like Amazon ad network. The options are unlimited. Sign up to some programs and see whats best for you.

Final words

Whew! that was a long article, we will soon be rolling out another big article on SEO very soon, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading.

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