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It was started and is still maintained by Aditya Raj and Bhavya Jain. The main moto of ZoneBlog is to make people aware about what's going around them. Basically, Zone Blog is a platform, where you'll find lot of knowledge in different categories belonging to different niches.

We use different sub-domains for various niches, (for e.g. you can visit technology.zoneblog.ml), where you'll find great articles about Blogging, SEO, Marketing, Wordpress, and latest Tech Trends.

If you are an emerging writer, you can also contribute by writing guest posts for us in various categories. Just mail your skills, experience, and 2 sample well-written articles at contact.zoneblog@gmail.com or through this contact form and after review you can write articles for our website and get backlinks and/or market some of your services or affiliate products in your articles.

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