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So, modern farming techniques like hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics are booming nowadays. People are rapidly shifting towards urban farming for their daily need for vegetables, fruits, and other greens.

These urban farming methods are also used by entrepreneurs to commercialize the production and earn lakhs of rupees from it.

These methods are highly profitable and the future of farming. Because the world population is expected to reach about 10 billion, and to feed such a large amount of people the traditional ways are not efficient.

Also, these urban farming methods are cost-effective because they consume much less water, fewer resources, and no soil at all. Also, plants grown by these methods give 2 to 3 more time production.

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics simply means to “make water work”. This means all the main work is done by water, with no requirement for soil.

The concept of hydroponics is oldest among all, hydroponics is since the hanging gardens of Babylon.

Hydroponics was the most efficient way f urban farming but now due to more developed and new ways of urban farming which are more cost-friendly and efficient.

Still, hydroponics has its own pace of growth, many innovative startups have redefined hydroponics for the modern world.

In a hydroponics system, no soil is needed, no need to flood the plants with water, also no soil means no pests, means no chemicals, pure organic crops.

Also, hydroponics doesn’t require too much technical support or technical knowledge, it can be started at a low cost.

And with hydroponics, you can also obtain four to five times more than traditional methods.

In hydroponics, you need a water tank, a motor, a nutrient solution, a growing medium, and basic infrastructure to place them.

With hydroponics, you can control which nutrient to give, what should be the pH, the water flow, and also there are many advantages.

No doubt, hydroponics is the best way to get your hands dirty in urban farming.

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is just the modified version of hydroponics.

The difference between hydroponics and aquaponics is as follows:-

In aquaponics, an ecosystem is created between fishes, insects, and plants. Unlike hydroponics, aquaponics is a little hard to maintain. Because in hydroponics you only need to look after plants, but in aquaponics, you need to look after fishes and also the ecosystem. Learning fish care is not a big deal. If you are dedicated enough, you can learn fish caring with no effort.

By using aquaponics, you can further increase your revenue by fish production.

Also, you don’t need to add too many nutrients from outside, the waste released for fishes will act as a fertilizer and cost-effective also.

Aquaponics is better than hydroponics in many terms, like food production because of fishes, higher growth, and more yield due to natural fertilizers.

Although it needs more care due to fishes and the system, if done properly you can earn lakhs of rupees from an aquaponics system.

What is Aeroponics?

Don’t think of aeroponics as a new fancy method of producing crops, it’s obviously more than that, if proper research and technologies are made, it can be the best method to produce crops for the giant population of earth.

Aeroponics may require a lot more knowledge to start or maintain, but believe me, it’s the best way of commercial production.

The entry barrier for aeroponics may be high, but the long term benefits have a loud voice.

Although hydroponics is good for reusing water, aeroponics itself uses less water. In an aeroponics system, roots are hanged in the air, and nutrient solution is sprayed in the form of mist or spray.

Aeroponics can produce up to ten times from the traditional methods and are more resource-efficient and more healthy obviously.

NASA is even planning to use an aeroponics system to produce crops for the first interplanetary civilization.

Which method is best for you?

Which urban farming method is best, this might be a hard question. But it really depends on many factors like:-

How much money you have?

What is your technical expertise?

How much experience you have?

What type of plants you want to grow?

Do you want to produce for yourself or commercially?

There are many more factors like this that can affect the method you select.

Like if you are doing it for yourself, hydroponics is best because it is cheap personal setups cost some thousands, but if you want to be it commercially, you should think if you can take care of fishes then there is no better option than aquaponics.

If you have a startup, and a nice amount of capital to hire technical expertise then you should go for aeroponics. You must have heard the name of vertical farming.

It is the best way to produce crops organically.

Thank you for reading the article.