Right now, you might be thinking, Why the hell I’m writing this post, despite the fact that electric vehicles are made to reduce environmental pollution.

But probably you’re missing the fact that there are two ways to accomplish everything, i.E.

  1. Direct method
  2. Indirect method

By the direct method, we all know that electric vehicles unlike the normal gasoline vehicles use engines that are powered by electricity mainly from batteries and also from solar panels sometimes.

So they don’t cause pollution because they don’t release carbon. Obviously!

But, what about indirect methods? huh!

By indirect methods, I meant the manufacturing and assembling of the different parts of an electric vehicle.

As far as we know, the Indian two-wheeler market is the largest in the world, the fourth largest in the four-wheeler market, and the seventh-largest in commercial vehicle production.

With that large number, a sudden shift is almost impossible and if it is made possible anyhow, a large number of resources, money, and labor will be needed.

If that much vehicle shifts from the gasoline-powered engine to the engines that use electricity and run on batteries, “large and large amount of batteries will be needed, a large number of engines that are powered by electricity will be needed, a large amount of metal will be needed to form the body of vehicles, lots of heat energy will be needed to melt and reshape the metal sheets, large space will be needed for the manufacturing of batteries as well as vehicles itself, and very small parts and processes, Who knows?”

So for all processes mentioned above and many more…

Various resources are needed, a lot of energy and a lot more…

So, all these tasks needed to be done with keeping the environment as the first priority, and renewable energies should be used.

The government must take legal actions for this and should make companies aware of it and enforce companies to make the shift to electric vehicles better and least harmful to the environment.

Because, why the hell we are shifting to electric vehicles?

–> Environment. Obviously!

Final Words

So, overall it was my opinion on a shift to electric vehicles that are taking place rapidly.

Whenever any company launches any medicine it passes several tests and checked for side-effects, and the same should be applied while adopting any new technology.

Thanks for reading.

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